About us

Lanckorona, made famous by Marek Grechuta’s*song is a beautiful and mystic place. Located in the heart of the town at a sloped market square there is an artistic cafe and gallery. Visit us to experience the Lanckorona’s atmosphere and listen to our local tales!

In Cafe Pensjonat, genius loci of Lanckorona combine gently with samples of distant and unknown places discovered around the world. Our inspiration comes from journeys when we come back to Lanckorona and share our impressions and emotions found both in close and distant areas.

Our cafe is open since 2008 in the building of former monumental town hall. During first years of its existence it was run by an Ecology and Culture Association ”On the Amber Trail”, now located nearby. It has organized many unusual events in Lanckorona making the “town on a hill” an angelic capital of Poland.

We recommend home cakes, a variety of tasteful coffee served in many ways, teas of the world brewed in a teapot and on special occasions a horseradish soup Lanckorona style – awarded during a Soup Festival in Krakow. We offer menu for children, vegetarian and Spanish apetizers called tapas. In the evenings one can taste regional vines of our favourite strains and from less known regions and countries of Eastern Europe, South America, Portugal and other places in the world. We are one of few places in Poland, where one can taste cider – a refreshing apple drink.

We organize events (birthdays, namedays, anniversaries, class meetings) and workshops for adults and children, meetings with interesting people, promotion of books, small concerts, photo and painting exhibitions by the Polish and foreign artists.

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